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Black Friday

Have you found your bargain
So many will camp out
To get a present on a deal
The lines will wrap around
The outside doors 
When the door opens be careful
For they stampede in trying to enter
Many get injured if not fast or big enough
Everyone will get there gifts
They have been longing on
Then it's time to check out
And the lines are just as long
For we have called all the
Cashiers to the front and hired 
All that would work for seasonal help
But the lines are just constant
My friend over to far right side
They have this new register
With not many seeing it
There is no waiting or lines over here
The problem is you will have 
To check yourself out 
But this register is much different
There will be one to turn on your light
To let others know you have
Now entered into a working progress
Place your hatred through here
And love will come through
Scan your envy and giving you receive 
Keep working we ain't done yet
For this has to be done through
Each person that comes through this line
Have any questions about any barcodes
The answers for all are
Placed under the light
Only problem is if you
choose this line
Before you are able to go
Through the door to receive your gift
Your old self will have to remain in the store
And the new creation and living being
Shall have a chapparone 
That will open the door to everlasting life
Love you all , Happy Thanksgiving
Be careful if you are traveling 

If you are reading I will not give up on you. Love ya

Copyright © Stephan McBride