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Please do not give them your children

Please do not hand  over your public school aged children to Progressive and Liberal School Districts and members! Can you home school them or contact people who are willing and able to? Can you afford Christian schooling or private schooling? Can you afford to hire a Christian College Student, majoring in Christian Education? Can you think about your own alternatives! Try sending them to a Christian College that both preach and practice born-again Christian principals!  

Please do not hand over your college aged students, or yourselves to Left wing radical colleges and universities! Unless you want to help them breed agnostic believers in the Theory of Evolution! They are also anti-Israel and part of the BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction) movement against Israel! Do you want left wing radicals to educate your households!  Who are supporters of Socialism and Communism in America and the entire planet! And the enemies of religious freedom
and freeborn societies such as America once was!

Ben and Jerry Ice-cream will no longer sell or do business with any company located in the west bank of the nation of Israel! Because they also consider it illegal occupied territory! And yet they do not consider themselves members of the BDS movement!  According to Gordian Robertson of the 700 Club, "If Ben and Jerry are not part of the BDS movement than who is?"

How can you show your appreciation to Ben and  Jerry? Please do forget the high quality of their ice cream! And do not support them by buying their ice cream! Maybe then they will get our message!  

Do not give your children over to their political future to Progressive Liberal members of the Democratic Party who are in the payola of the Red Chinese
Communist Party! Please register and vote responsibly! Do not listen to the propaganda machines of the Fake News Media! Through conventional and social media platforms such as: Facebook and Twitter!

You are responsible for your children not the school system and the government! They want to strip you your parental rights and responsibilities!  All accomplished by raising your very own and adapted children! Do let them fall victim to the left wing radical  propaganda machines! Do not support the Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the Pornographic indoctrination's!

If your child is born white he or she will become part of the group targeted for elimination! They are the oppressors, are evil! and will never amount to anything! 

Roxanne Lea Dubarry
October 08, 2021

Copyright © Roxanne Dubarry