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Nature is filled with emotions. Not from the observer's perspective
But, in truth.
Insects display intense feelings of apathy towards an intruder's need for survival
having wandered too close to their nests or hives: annihilation soon follows.
A tree's root is intertwined beneath the soil, entangled with its neighboring network.
When one is depleted or deprived of water, the others release their own source to feed it. They know.
When it is time to die, the others withdraw their roots from its roots and release it from their family tree. 
Those emotions being dedication, loyalty, empathy, and of course love.

I find that if you are at a point in your life, where you've become numb and indifferent, on many levels regarding many things.  Connect with nature.
You'll gain an awareness and peace so gratifying, slowly you'll begin to feel again, should you want to. And who doesn't want to feel whole again

Love and light to all!

Copyright © Teena Tincan