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Sphere, Sphere, Sphere

The ManPower Invitational  Celerity Sphere Contest

Contest One
Large one (369 lbs)
Bigger Sphere (550 lbs.)
Sphere Grande (705 lbs)
Winners pot includes both sponsor
and contestants roll! Trophy and
a prize.

Contest Two
Yak verses Yak waist harness tug of war
20 men one on one
Tournament until winner
Trophy and prize

Contest Three
Log Snatch and Jerk
Log throw
Stump pull
Must comply by officials rule
Medallion and prize

Entries due by May 7,
Cash due upon entry
$100.00 entry.

Tickets..... $20.00 -$12.00 & $10.00
Bring your freinds!
Certain meals included with
Paid fair
Live Band
Camp style over night the day before
Trailers and rvs $50.00 for overnight
Stay. Three meals, $20.00 extra!
Horse rides, Nighttime barbaque and bash!
Couples discount.
College discount.
21 and over for rentals!
No kids please.
Beer, wine , chocolate
Sold at the cigar bar!
Get yourself here or
We will come get you!

Media; Media Broadcast
Live radio show.
Television recording.
Get this place jam packed!

Copyright © Allan Terry