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Epic Nirvana Mode

 Day in and day out i was encroached by darkness
 life was filled with suffering, misery, and hardships,
 yet deep within a light flickered of hope
 nothing was to stop the inevitable as I entered Epic Nirvana Mode,
 it was a total reunion of destiny and fate
 a baptism of sight as I uncloaked the veil,
 electric jolts of energy were permeating through my veins
 an exuberant nerve tonic for life's pains,
 I turned Brahman illuminating like the golden sun
 soaring in the cosmos together as one,
 I was consciously elevated engaged in a luminescent mode
 wind against my back it was my time to settle the score,
 my spirit turned eagle like and began to rise
 fully ecstatic as I was smiling down at life,
 a glorious exaltation of my soul I'm free
 rising above all in triumphant ecstasy,
 my eyes were pulsating with radiant electricity
 wings wide aiming high above and beyond to infinity,
 dark clouds had disintegrated to oblivion
 an enlightening feel as I crossed the spiritual meridian,
 fluorescent beams of light were radiating from my mind
 as I was conquering the illusions of time,
 I never felt so alive I couldn't help but shine
 didactic it seemed of those dark times,
 I was highflying in a heaven like utopia
 glancing down at a land of dystopia,
 everything was flowing gracefully with providence
 a total state of bliss I consecrate this elated conscious,
 northbound I propelled my vision
 fully engaged in my Buddhahead with laser precision,
 electrified at such glorious heights
 staking claim to my divine birthrights,
 I Am all that I Am
 boundless, infinite, pure imagination,
 reincarnated like the phoenix my fiery purpose is unfathomable
 resurrected and reborn through life's crucible,
 as I transmutate and purify lower forms of energy
 I sanctify to electric highvibin frequencies,
 glory be to those former lifeless roads
 for they paved the road for these triumphant odes,
 looking back I see perhaps the darkness was heaven bestowed
 for it was through the dark I found the Light
 and entered
 Epic Nirvana Mode

Copyright © Aram Sarian