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Helter Smelter

Have you heard the story,
Of Stink, Stank, and Stunk?
The one of a kind, bonafide,
Three headed Skunk.

Stink was on the left,
Stunk was on the right.
Leaving Stank in the middle,
With no peripheral sight.

They always disagreed,
On who was in the lead.
Each vying for the spot,
Unwilling to concede.

They'd go round and round,
With tail in the air.
Snapping at each other,
And ripping out their hair.

But it never did fail,
After lifting their tail.
Would spray a triple dose,
Oh man, what a smell.

It'd bring you down to size,
Putting tears in your eyes.
The stench was so bad,
It would even kill flies.

If they ever come near,
You'd better disappear.
Just run for your life,
Till the coast is clear.

Copyright © Randy Freie