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Spiritual Teaching

Those who have attained some degree of Higher enlightenment, should be very careful as to which esoteric teachings are revealed on-line.  As careful also in large gatherings (classes, etc.). Powerful forces have kept the battle between good and evil raging long before time~ divisions started in heaven. The further along the Enlightened Path, the more subtle the temptation to see power as emanating from one's self as opposed to always our Divine Source. Many a priest has fallen, tricked into promoting options seemingly moral or normal on the surface, yet having a sinful barb. Once a student opens his mind to White Light (Spiritual Light~ Divine Light), which is of a much higher intensity than sunlight (in-fact can only been seen with the Spirit-eye~ which we all have) he or she is also now susceptible to demonic possession. The teacher must be available to the student 24/7, for if the student has any keen aptitude for enlightenment, dark forces will try to take the devotee out early-on in the relationship, by disease or tragic accident or possession. Physical Psychic Centers should not be stimulated, without first tutoring in mental and spiritual purification, which takes many years to approach in most cases. Fad books, casual meetings with yoga instructors (if not done purely for physical flexibility) can be dangerous to the participant when the instructor is not very mindful of saying too much too soon during the initiation. And the student, or seeker in good-faith wouldn't know it until it was too late, his or her body and soul in jeopardy. How does one find such an enlightened teacher? You don't! They will come when you are ready, drawn by your spirit-light.  Just practice being a loving person best you can (that is my personal first advice to anyone). Most are hidden would not recognize on the street. The best do not charge, nor hold group classes. Christ took his special followers aside often, for individual instruction. But not to be chosen so, does not imply that one has less or more intelligence than the next guy, nor is seen as being less holy~ we are equally important in God's greater scheme. Each with an individual mission. Often not giving in to lesser ego (the dominant I) is a great enough achievement. Learn, but learn carefully, I tell myself. Let God teach, not to let the Lesser-self be in control. Sharing knowledge on Chakra Petals, 7 Psychic Centers, Kundalini, crystals etc., as if they were all one-sided positives (harmless mind games or exercises), can be like putting a loaded gun in the hand of a 4 year old. Best left alone, if not approached with total dedication, extreme caution and understanding of the countless potentially cataclysmic outcomes. Not for the merely curious observer.

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