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Salty Dogs

Off to the sea in ships we all go,
Untested, but cock sure, as iron to a forge

Deck apes, snipes and gunners are we,
Salt spray, steam and gun smoke to deal

Up early and turning to ‘til late,
While pilfered horse cock, cards and dice await

Down to the bilges and up to the bridge,
Or off to clean the head each day begins

Gunnery drills and damage control,
A well-oiled fightin’ machine we all have become

Man Overboard! Gunner to the bridge,
Seems ole Oscar has taken a dip

A catnap before we take on fuel,
Heavy seas and darkness again to duel

Heave around lads, hand over hand!
Get the rig on deck the bos’n demands

Finally completed and soaked to the skin,
No rack for me, I’ve got the mid

Reveille! Reveille! Up at first light,
Clampdown awaits then I’ll grab a bite

In port tomorrow and liberty awaits,
But first there’s a washdown and lots to paint

All is secured and the Chief’s in good cheer,
So it’s off to the gut for some titties and beer

Back before sunrise no Shore Patrol required,
A run through the rain locker before liberty expires

Breakfast and quarters a new day begins,
I’ll borrow a $20 so I can do it again

Copyright © Steve Harris