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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Louder than the silence Heard beyond my heart’s echo, Darker than the shadows Secreted where feelings bled Through the delicate colors Hues of hopeful, fresh Young faces in delicate light, Smiles alive, aware – so bright Louder than the stillness, The hush beneath the calm, Quieting the heartbreak Feelings bleeding through The dark, where an echo glistened, Calling for the earlier times, The breathless moments History, flowing in the thoughts Reminiscing, feelings – flowing On rivers of childishness, hesitating To believe – Wrinkles, gray hair – tired eyes Who never twinkle, delight Gone beyond the starry skies, Leaving only the whisper of a breathless Moment when I spoke like life Would never pass me by, like I would Be the wonder who would never See the years taking me beyond the Hesitant feelings into the future, Where I would leave my youth behind, Smiling to the truth who would reveal Time that had left me with only A passing memory, old photos, a yesterday… When I shoulds seen it comin’ I SHOULDA SEEN IT COMIN' Poetry Contest Sponsored by: John lawless January 30, 2023

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