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Hush and Be Quiet

Hush and be quiet.

There is no importance to your words,
Your voice echoes in the dimly lit room.
The empty room.
No one cares to listen.

Hush and be quiet.

You deserve no sympathy.
They’ll drown you with your voice,
“It’s your fault.”
No one wants to listen.

I want to scream.
Take my voice back from its coffin.
The silence is what is making me break.
It roots itself in my chest and expands,
Expands until the pain is agonizing.

Hush and be quiet.

What are the consequences?
Will they understand?
Do they have to?

Hush and be quiet.

I am a kettle coming to a boil.
I have no obligation,
But I have the right.
I have the right to be heard.

Hush and stay quiet!

I have a voice that cannot be suppressed,
One that will not be repressed,
Not by you and not by me.

“We do not want to hear.
This is not important.
You are not important.”

You do not get to take,
Nor can you dictate.
My voice is my own.
I have the ability to grow.

"I said no.”

Copyright © Katie Plummer