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Deep Inside

Deep Inside		 		Rajkumar Pudasaini

  I am crying	………..
------------ it is weird that I am crying     nooo
Tears are not well!

We  talked	and 
 She said to me, 
in a grammar some kind of,   in some context
something like	the water
And maybe, I might would stand for the stone    or
I am there in one place, promising, steadfast
 -   She was following around,
Changing her color 
Coming from high top and going down,	or vise versa 
Falling,	 Moving,   climbing,  weaving,, 
Every time new,  every time creative, 
every time lively,, every time different…….
 to be wet with her   water   I am there
 she makes it full  And sometimes  half,  and so on so, 
Water goes into my heart    and I become wet 	
and then Moist juicy	 tears!
I am crying….!!!  
Oohha  uufff,, no,  ammmmm,, . Please    I am 
I am sorry,  I  a  a   mm	 c	r        y	ing.

5-16-2020 , ktm, Nepal.,

Copyright © Rajkumar Pudasaini