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The Shapes of Things

Some say that some gains are not worth the risk,
and that their pursuit causes far too much pain.
They say that some things are better left the same.
They say that if it's not broken, don't fix it or make a change.

Sameness is boring and robs us of creativity.
In a quest demanding liquids not to stay,
ROOF-TOPS of buildings were mostly SLANTED.
Rain, sleet, snow, and ice had to fall to the ground.

Moreover, the interiors of facilities are not fond of sameness.
Living Rooms now have a twin sister known as THE GREAT ROOM.
The elevation, more windows, and OPEN CEILINGS let the sunshine in.                                                          
FLATNESS is out, recessed ceilings are in, and the changes look terrific.

There was a time when car makers were far more concerned with mobility.
Energy was cheap and combustion engines had no concern about the wind.
Aerodynamics were yet to be utilized in land travel, and the CARS were BOXY.
OVAL corners and slightly CURBED bodies in vehicles became the SHAPE of things to come.


Copyright © curtis johnson