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Swaying to the sound

Have you ever felt from a song

A song that reminded you how you can live
The rush of the wind, the desire to climb
A quickly-building monument to the beauty of creation

How quickly a mood changes with a play

The sorrow of loss, a lament to the sky 
for what was not lost to you
what you may never be lucky enough to lose

A mournful numbness, a malady of words, a sea to be swallowed by

An arrogant strut behind what they have done and claim to do

A hyperactive child in a candy store

An invitation to someone else's moment, a happy party

A strut in saying something how it is, sauntering up to your boss's reddened face

A spontaneous guffaw from a line so out of place

A dance in a language you cannot understand 

Siphoned emotions from founts 
Some people urging you to drink from
Some urging you to bathe and not drink, to not feel
Some that were left and coyly watched
Some that were abandoned
Some that were trapped in amber

How could where we live, where we choose to drink, not say a lot about us?
Such a pure crystallization of what is so slippery to say

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