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pandemoniac incredulity sweeps the fat globe

illusion in disguise and sweet dreams of equality 

the grim reaper measures invincible destruction

finally attempts to be fair at least once in a life time

‘fear not for I am a just leveler a prophet of sorts’

as she wields her scythe in indiscriminate death

in a near perfect reminder that sharing is caring

masked with skull bones  and impartial asphyxia 

no collateral damage because breathless borders

know no frontiers and suffocate my conscience

as I socially distance myself in a quest for survival

isolation strives to highlight the universal privilege

with a big wrathful bang of proportionate demise

consciously aware of unrestricted contamination

while politicians feast in ivory towers on fake news

the hysterical media fall short of spiritual awakening

as some find a moribund surrender in graveyards

and yet enlightenment fails to balance  a sore score

coughs and splutters and affords intensive care 

drips prosperous advantages ventilates injustice

no high tech interventions in the slums of Kolkata

statistics hide individual fates destined to expire

mass consumption of tiny viruses does not curtail

that the few have medical care and fine life support 

whereas the many do not stand a chance of reprieve

to stay on a planet of glamour hunger greed and money

cynics might say that the losers are free of the struggle

to understand why even in these times of universal pain

that they did not chose a corrugated roof in the Yemen 

and that a life does not count for much in favelas in Rio

the Buddha in a saffron loin cloth cries under a fig tree

Jesus declares that he must return to temples and cross

Mohamed searches the mountain for crevices of hope

Ganesh washes his elephant trunk in the Ganges in vain

Agnostics triumph ‘we told you so there is no kind god’

and the humble me confirms to never trust in the system

random acts of kindness can’t sustain a lack of compassion

the cards have always been rigged and dice have been loaded

a casino economy does not allow for distribution of wealth

some are soothed by the concept of evolution’s proposition

that kin and family guarantee the spreading of one’ own seed

and yet I am more convinced by what bugs me than ever before 

that only a revolution could bring harmony equilibrium and peace

I am a pawn in a web of lies and draw no comfort from the truth

24th July 2020

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann