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Richman shenanigans

How is it my fault that I took a leap of faith 
Like any naive girl in townships looking for good life
I mixed with wrong people who promised me soft life in Dubai 
Excitement journeyed my mind to things I can buy
Little did I know I was sold a lie

Girls are labeled slay queens to hide richman's shenanigans 
No one questions them how do they lure young girls into sex slaves 
I was just a young girl hoping for a better future 
I bought into the lie and paid a hefty price 
I found myself high and hopeless 
Obedience was the only way to break free from their clutches 

You've seen videos for Dubai trapped girls 
Nothing is demeaning than eating feces 
I have no dignity left except hope that you'll understand 
Love is kind
Love is understanding 
Love believe all things 
My only hope is that our society live past through my ordeal 

I did not leave in my own accord
The bait was too deep to spit it out 
If I had a return ticket I was going to comeback home running 
I had one way ticket to hell
I took to social media out of desperation
I thought my story will benefit the nation 
So I said let me make this donation 
Sacrifice my life to save just one life if I did not make it out alive in Dubai 

I hope my honesty did not blacklist me from being loved  
I'm not asking for sympathy but your understanding 
Human trafficking is not anyones fault but a Richman shenanigans. 
I hope one day you I will forgive myself and live a normal life again. 

Please forgive me for failing to see past their lies 
I hope we still have a chance to start where we left it off
We had a good thing going
I'll understand if our path never cross again 
We were both victims of Richman shenanigans 


Copyright © Bongani Zungu