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I pray for you

I pray for you
To love and be loved
But not with just any love

I pray for you to love and be loved
With compassion and joy
Inspiration and imagination
Warmth and passion, a hunger
For the expression of adoration

I pray for you to love
With a heart that hopes
For the moments to be filled
With endless laughter
Glorious thrills
Lights in the eyes
Who are filled
With elation

I pray for you to be loved
With an encouraging heart
Someone who knows how
To give generously
Without a doubt
Filling the soul with music
Songs that bring out
The child in your heart

I pray that you love
With all of your heart
Through the good and bad
Through struggles and bliss
Throughout every sentiment

I pray that you are loved
With every blink of the eye
From someone who feels inside
That love is so alive it arises
And reaches for the stars
Collecting fireflies in Mason jars

I pray that you love
Completely and fully
With a sense of serenity
And fulfillment that comes from
Being blessed with tenderness

I pray that you are loved
So much that you smile
When your heart feels the blessing
Of having such a loving acceptance
Grace that knows no completion

I pray for you to love and be loved
Without any hesitation – completely
So that you’re fully aware of the twinkling
That fills the eyes like stars in the sky
Lighting up the earth with pure joy
A feeling that there is only love
To pour out from your overflowing soul

I pray you will always know LOVE

Copyright © Regina McIntosh