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Magnificent Marvin, the Soothsayer

      ~ Magnificent Marvin, the Soothsayer ~ 

Welcome to the parlor of Magnificent Marvin, the Soothsayer
   Silence, please, as I peer into my as yet opaque crystal ball
Ah, friend, the mist is disappearing; the future is becoming clear
   And so, enabled by the Powers-That-Be, the Magnificent Marvin 
                                                                        shall now prophesy...

I hereby predict -- nay, guarantee! -- that the removal of
   Theodore Roosevelt's statue from the National History Museum
will -- please grip your chair tightly, because here it comes -- not
   I repeat, will NOT, save one single Black Life in the U.S.A!

~ Voila!...The Magnificent Marvin has hereby decreed it! So be it! ~

Copyright © Gershon Wolf