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Caradog's Fight

Faithful companion, Caradog, without necessity 
Habitat fed his needs, our bond rapidly developed 
Fierce competent hunter amazingly adopted me
Heritage unable to continue, thylacine near relic 
Decision to keep him secret was tumult traumatic
Exploited Tiger captured disallowed me to have it

Slender sniff nuzzled friend was a multitude more
Central to my craft's formation, carved wood replica
Tangible muse renews value in sculpting his form
Task of inspiration shed sparks of reaching fire

From my lantern lit table, I intently watched him rise
Stilt like legs stretched, striped yellow rump lifted
Nudged me with gentle nose, wild must be a guise! 
Trusting eyes knew domesticity, my heart pilfered

So we walked, accepted man beside marsupial beast
Sharp snout pointed urgently when he detected a meal
Several rats equalled daily quota, Caradog's appease
Showed me hidden nooks, I couldn't figure the appeal 
Of providing his secrets, perhaps to dispel theories
Population still existed, a duty he felt was obligatory 

Already running in my long local veins, knowledge
Caradog was the final egsample, the last battler
Of a fine Australian species, sadly now abolished 
Persistent development trampling their chattels 

Option to turn him in to rangers, on my doorstep
Final thylacine female despondent and beyond it
Zoo tourist captivity would instill Caradog torture
Days spent free, ferocious mate bore my fondness

( Last live Thylacine held in Tasmania, 1933 )

* Convincing Thylosene on poems below this, 
                the prequel to this story 

9th August 2020

Copyright © Sigrid Ermine