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2020 Glastonbury Fest

Dancing and singing along with the rest 
With the sun beaming down
It’s Glasto at its very best

The teatime slot my favourite spot
Iconic performances from idols past
Still going strong as they sing all night long
Never dreaming their fame it would last

Sir Tom at 80 still wowing the crowds
his voice so strong 
may he go on and on

Resplendent in pink 
Dame Shirl gives a twirl
that young lass from Wales
with her voice she regales 

Dear Dolly lifts the crowd 
still begging Jolene
Whilst Kenny is lamenting Lucille

And sweet Caroline 
Well she's a favourite of mine
Still shines like a Diamond
Sweet Neil

Barry alone now 
still reaching those highs
seeing their smiles as he looks to the skies 

And Lionel still able to go 
All Night Long
strutting the stage
like a man half his age

Sweet Kylie
A perfect package 

Nile Rodgers and Chic
sing along to Le Freak 
Nile is such a cool bloke
his look so unique 

Then finally the master
As darkness descends
On that stage he appears 
and for many brings tears
For just like Major Tom
his soul has moved on
but his genius survives
in every word 
of every song

Not even Covid 19
Could ever stop this show
As I behold the very best
of 2020 Glastonbury Fest...

Written at 3.00 am this morning on 30th June 2020 
after watching and dancing and singing to Glastonbury 2020 those images still rocking in my head…

*Glastonbury is considered to be one of the biggest and finest music festivals in the world today.  2020 would have been 50 years since its humble beginnings in 1970.  The brainchild of Michael Eavis a farmer from Somerset England, who decided to host an al fresco concert himself after see Led Zeppelin at an open air festival. First artists to appear were Marc Bolan and Al Stewart  
1970 ~ Attendance 1,500 ~ tickets price £1 with free milk from the Farm
2019  ~ ticket price £248  ~ capacity 203,000 ~ 135.000 tickets sold in under 36 minutes…

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