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Corona's Love


I am the innocent victim 
held on house arrest 
eating one meal a day
no visitors,

I was put on lockdown 
for shaking hands, giving hugs, and kisses,
how can this be, as if I created the bubonic plague,

I never held a gun nor pulled a trigger
but they said guilty as charged,
with a curfew as if I'm 16 again
sneaking out to see a boy,
how dare they lock me up,

in a personal prision
with a glass box and I see
a whole nation with a new 
style of ankle bracelet 
as they monitor our every move,
in the asylum, of untold stories,

if I sneeze 
if I cough
If I have a fever
I'm guilty, yet I have none

they say Corona sold me out
tho I'd prefer Heineken or maybe Redstripe,
even a Malta would do,
but I never tasted corona...
but I bear the stamp
as if I'm back in slavery or nazi camp
I hold the I.D with a number while taking a mugshot as they stamp my forehead 
patient 21 Corona,

now quarantine alone with my thoughts 
I ponder when will I be free
as I now send virtual hugs, handshakes while blowing kisses in the wind hoping they touch the ones I love,

again in my thoughts all alone
pleading with Corona 
to set me free,
for the lie you placed on me
keeps registering guilty 
yet I never tasted you
as I was told you're bitter,

and in my thoughts
I've come to realize 
that I did taste many Corona's
which led me to cough, sneeze, and hold fevers
of parasites sucking me dry;
I regurgitate all these years
of choices I labeled mistakes to ease my pain 
now cage free I am a blank canvas
ready to be painted,
but this time I choose wine, 
leaving the sunken place
filled with drunks,
I am the architect 
building as I select colors
to mirror the soul
being set free,
I am the white dove
released never to return--- ~Queen'Anyah Divine aka Suzette Campbell 
(c) 2020 Copyright All Rights Reserved 
March 21, 2020

Copyright © Suzette Campbell