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Amorous love

Usually by somebody of age
Holding another‘s neck hostage,
Most of the time breathing downs that neck
But fully sure the drama would wreck…

Being awake while the world is asleep
To keep enacting the Emotionally Deep,
When time and space permit
Begin to love vows vomit…
No distinguishing a lawn, stranger to a broom 
From a pre-paid hotel room.

It’s a directive from vain flesh
Like an Iraqi Muslim settling for a Christian Welsh:
Easily tender caress of another’s hair
As soon, faster, crazier breathing of air
And predictable knot-tight embraces of a shoulder 
By the now sexually bolder. 
A helpless leaning on same for salvation
Sadly, The Good food lost to salivation.

Millions bring closer its expiry date,
Expertly foretelling when it shuts its gate:
Merely a clinging to a declared heart throb
While one still wants to the truth rob
Amorous Love is another saleable good on your shelf
You would market yourself.

Always coming in different shapes
Off and on supportive of rapes
And gaze long at it 
One to arrive at views split.

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi