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Zen State

With whatever retrospect behind my neck I’ll make you look like an insect to intersect/
I inflict and solicit my scripts strict to set out a rhythmic therapeutic antic/
While I’m poetic I’ll constrict any rap artists larynx apart the farthest/
Except for Mr Mathers and a few other charters/
I’m not temperate with with my mental temperament I’ll acclimate to this new mind state/
Accommodate and con a date that’s a flake’s pawn of fate/
Plan to take Jake for a lawn to taint like a stint to hate/
I imprint a stingy tint on the template in my zen state/
Clench my pen in a slant and fetch verbiage/
You wretch verbose flows per dosage/
This sir knows ferocious, stupendous and harmonious droves/
I throw out crows to clone arrows to burrow as it snows/
Glows to bind mind molecules as I find the mole’s clues when he said and sold his cues/
Now I have to mold new moves and stow suave in the garage/
Grind and grow my stash for a few grooves/
Growth grew gracious gaps for some brute like a spruce to juice/
I spew true truth in my troth as I trot from spot to spot/
As there’s a lot of slop to slow to a stop/
Start sprouting swift sounds and spout out syllables sporadic/
Sporting synonyms as a sin to yins/ 
Simply shorting the sport like an anagram organism to organize a verbal orgasm/
A grim grin has got you pondering gin intoxication see that pond jump on in for a spasm.

Copyright © Kyle Gee