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Minority Not Nonentities


We're the minority not nonentities
We aren't helpless persons deserving of pity and charity
So Include us in the mainstream education and employment
We don't really need your sympathy
You will see the beauty of our lives if only you treat us with empathy

You speak different languages once that may be alien to you
But that doesn't change you. I am or what my personality is
Signing is my language that links me to my friends and those you want to understand me
So don't call me "disabled" just because you don't understand my language.

We are caged up by this unfriendly environment
Which has caused our restriction other than our impairment
Give us mobility skills like you were nurtured on how to walk
Clear the barries that have created unsurmountable walls in our path
And we will reach our destination with our crutches and canes

 It doesn't matter if am without a leg or arm
Whether I can see your colourful robes or hear your loud sounds does not count
What is important is my capability and not my physical looks.
So don't besmirch our reputation by referring to us with demeaning names

We go in search of white colour jobs but our disability paints us black
Our certificates are given a glance but their eyes refuse to see past our appearance

Yes we are we with a disability but that is not inability
So stop seeing us helpless or vulnerable
Your freedom ends where our freedom starts
So this time we are seeking RIGHTS not RICE

Copyright © Mariama Awal Mohammed