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Year-Round Love

January…new year, new me. Met you and now I’m happy. We watched the ball drop and kissed at midnight. My February Valentine hearts and flowers because you’re mine as we danced you held on to me tight. In March, we celebrated St. Paddy’s Day. Pub crawl for a green beer this way. Pinch me, my dear, it all seemed like a dream. An April fool, and at Easter time still, showering you with love gave me a thrill. We twirled in the rain ‘til morn’s early beam. May I say that today you are as lovely as a floral bouquet? Running through the grass, I still wanted more. Sunny in June your love made me swoon as we splashed along the sandy shore. It’s the Fourth of July Barbeque and apple pie. The fireworks between us lit up the dark night. August is time for festival fun. Rock concerts with my favorite hon. We swayed to the music; our hearts took flight. County fair in September we made it a day to remember. Enjoyed fried food, my baby by my side. Boo, it’s time for an October scare Bonnie and Clyde, we made a great pair. We passed out candy, our love we couldn’t hide. Thanksgiving in November, what a treat and lots of turkey and stuffing to eat. Though falling for you is what I loved best. December came with lots of snow many gifts and ho, ho, ho. But your year-round love is why I’m truly blessed. *Nearly two years ago, I decided to try ’30 days of poetry.’ This was day three and the prompt was: Write a silly poem. It was written on April 3, 2021.

Copyright © Courtney Hubbert