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One Great Quest

“Passion is what gives meaning to our lives. It’s what allows us to achieve success beyond our wildest imagination. Try to find a career path that you have a passion for.”  Henry Samueli
After departing what was supposedly my birth place and home,                                                                       it appears that I was spotted in the city of Chicago where I resided                                                                     some 7 years including a year's stay in Southern Wisconsin where                                                                        our first child was born..

I say 'supposedly' my home and 'appears' that I was spotted,                                                                           because I never felt at home where I was born, and I never                                                                               'found myself' in Chicago.  Chicago was a place I never planned                                                                             to go. So in 1974, I returned to the place of my birth and hoped                                                                          to remain there for life, but it was not to be, because I did not                                                                            fine myself there, not even the second time around.

In the Fall of 1978, a door of opportunity knocked 2000 miles                                                                           away in California.  So I gathered my wife and two kids and                                                            headed to San Francisco.  The City by The Bay was a beautiful                                                                          place.  Our third child was born there during our 8 year stay.                                                                                     San Francisco captured our hearts and provided rich experiences                                                                            and wonderful friends, but it proved to be another place where                                                                                                  I did not fine me.

Although for 8 years, our hearts were arrested by its people,                                                                               it's culture, parks, and the roaring ocean waves of the Pacific,                                                                                     in 1986 we packed up everything, including our hearts, and moved                                                                         away from the cool breezes and fog horns of San Francisco and headed                                                     Northeast about 100 miles to Sacramento, the hottest place of our lives.

Looking back, I have often thought that, given a little more time                                                                                         in Wisconsin, I suspect I would have found myself there.  But it                                                                                  wasn't to be, because at the time there was a higher priority                                                                              than 'finding me'. That priority beckoned me back to Chicago.

In Sacramento, where we have been for 35 years, we learned                     to appreciate and fall in love with the cool delta breezes flowing                  
up the valley from the Pacific. Having been here longer than any             
place in our lives, I think this is where I found myself. In finding me,             I found 'my passion'. I started and continue to write. I'm loving it.

It's interesting to me that every place we have ever been was                                                                                    one we'd hope to remain for a lifetime. Time after time, the                                                                                    uniforms offered for service were not 'a fit for me'.  No doubt,                                                                                   we are all different in many respects, but for me, I suspect                                                                              that the key or one of the secrets to finding one's self and                   
passion is to prayerfully pause our persons and stay in one                     
place among dear and loving people, long enough.


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