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To Cherish Your Gothic Heart

Edgar Allan Poe -
never an ordinary man,
but of mysteries,
your higher numbered stanzas poem -
"To Helen", awoke the slumbering romantic
that I was, in once undiscovered 
fallen star moontides of passions bound
in a tempest sea.

Edgar, of genius, of sorrow,
to cherish your Gothic heart,
why did time, so cruelly to me,
separate us poets ?
your dark, brooding brow,
striding with a wind swirled cape,
your orbs with weariness of life,
of romance's pain.

Your mastery of horror tales,
spun as if a spider's web,
yet, "To Helen" swoons my breath,
gives Creed to my devotion,
ravens' morose bearing, their caws
echo through my imaginings,
if only to have embraced you once,
oh, the sweetest celebration 
at the very thought,
yet, I shiver in the rattling bones
of an October cold bereavement,
in the cherishing of your Gothic heart.

Copyright © Regina Elliott