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The Fleeting Moments of Time


They slip by like drops of water
hardly noticed after the puddle drys
They seem so unconcerned
Those fleeting moments of time

Brides are given in Marriage
Great cities are built with highways
Bright lights add to the splendor
while Business deals are brokered in hast 

That, once so freshly painted
With time falls away to ruin
Imbers, dying from the beginning
In the fleeting years that burn

The clock ticks off the seconds
Minutes disappear through the glass
The hands of time strikes the hour
And moments add to the past

It’s the moments that make life fragile,
How fast the minutes fall in line
They say that time heals all who hurt
But love is stronger than time

The sands of time runs out
Ticking away like a poem’s fading rhyme
Pointing its weathered finger to Jesus
He defeats the moments of time


Copyright © Patrick Kelly