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Summer Solstice 2019 part 2

approximating 7.5 x 1018, or seven quintillion, 
five hundred quadrillion grains. This estimation 
courtesy of Gwendolyn Powell, High School 
from Presentation of Mary Academy (2018 
graduating class) responding to an inquiry posted 

on website
stars-are-there-in-the-universe Answered 
April 15, 2018.

Such minutiae less significant within the realm 
of present day Homo sapiens, whose lives less 
linkedin with phenomena affecting life on this 
oblate spheroid, (which could come to a crashing 
halt predicated on burgeoning human population

jeopardizing sustainable planet presuming 
industrial paradigm prevails, thence man/
woman kind will unwittingly trumpet, and
or sound claxon (ex post facto), while 
warming temperatures melt glaciers, 

asper huge popsicles drowning 
multitudinous habitats courtesy of
violent meteorologic cataclysms, where 
Noah ark will be big enough to save majority 

of creatures, and (wherein no art of the deal) 
savvy enough to wall off sky high tidal 
Katrina and the waves, then nature will (make 
a killing) relishing tidying Atlas sized tureen 

if necessary applying pledged finishing touches  
repurposing third rock for another species slated 
to inherit pseudo tabula rasa after Campbells, 
and broth hers detox polluted primordial soup 
i.e. once cleansed of poisons, thus...I condense 
my Green New Deal spiel!

Copyright © matthew harris