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Jingling Anklets

it was not the creaking door that scared me so,
not the nightly thunder and that lonely crow,
what gave me shivers was jingle of anklets,
as I hid deep under cover of blankets,
they passed me by across daddy’s bedroom door,
like someone was pacing the grand marble floor!
perhaps ghost of a dancer who comes to haunt?
or was it a prank, played by my naughty aunt?
I talked to my mother to share my night fears,
she kissed me on my forehead and wiped my tears,
that night we sprayed the floor with washing liquid,
waited in my room, behind door mother hid,
past midnight then no jingling anklets were heard,
father heard the story and thought it absurd!
problem was solved when we saw Roosevelt!
the naughty neighbours cat wore a jingling belt!

Written 14/10/2021
Something Spooky poetry contest
Tania Kitchin sponsored
11 syllables each line!

Copyright © Krish Radhakrishna