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Good afternoon my lady
Lemme introduce myself,I am a poet
I love playing with words and creating puns
I am ready to plant you in my paragraphs
Print smiles on your face and paint them with words
I will curve you in every stanza, each line will echo your name
I'll put full stops at the end of every sentence
Every comma will pause and gaze at the beauty rightfully possessed
My lines will always curl to make your hair more beautiful
Every word will always caress them and hold them in a ponytail
If you read this poem, I had you in contemplation
With every line will write off the painful past you've had 
I adore stars,moon and everything that sparkle
During summer, I'll plant five stars in every stanza
Every line will water them until they blossom
And during winter nights I'll take you outside to show you how twinkling the stars I planted for you
I will always remind you how beautiful you are 
How this poet loves you for I will bite one poem for you
To appreciate God for creating you on a Monday when He had strength
My lines will not spare your ribs,you'll laugh your heart out
Please, do teach me how to dance
So that I can always dance to your heart beat
I love the sound of your name in excess
You're always warm and you do melt my heart Elsie
Who else can I see?

John Lenda (Poetic World,2022)

Copyright © John Lenda