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Fall Drive on a Country Road

As I step outside, I feel a chill in the air. It's a perfect time for an afternoon drive. With the top down on this glorious day, I realize summer has reached its end. Leaves are strewn across vast meadows, tumbling aground in a profusion of vivid colors of russet, umber, and gold. It looks so festive! I don't know where this country road will take me, nor do I care, for the day is resplendently fair. Rustic beauty abounds in this autumnal scenery. Clearly, Mother Nature is calling upon fall to spread its wings and fly over hills and valleys as she orchestrates the changing of her seasons. I've just crossed a bridge where waters babble, sounding like a melody played by woodland nymphs. With the wind in my hair, and saffron sun shining, I'm in harmony with the rhythmic song of autumn. Feeling the need to act like an adventurous child, I stop on the roadside and climb an old wooden fence. An apple orchard tempts me to help myself, so, I'm biting into a juicy apple, savoring its flavor. From atop a lookout point on a mountain crest, a sultry autumn breeze is permeating the air with a heady scent of wild roses and clematis. Sadly, I turn from the cliff's view. Time to go home. A sanguine sun seems to be setting the world ablaze with flames as it silently slips into the sea. Soon, a harvest moon will ascend in her golden glory. What a wonderful day I've spent driving across the land. Tomorrow, I plan to bake a pan of cobbler because I can't forget the succulent flavor of that delicious apple. I'll take the same drive again in a few weeks to get two pumpkins from the patch several miles back. There'll be one for a jack-o-lantern with a frightful face and another for the filling of spiced pumpkin pies. September 11, 2022 Fall Flavors Contest ~ Sponsor: Gina McIntosh Chosen Theme ~ Taking a fall drive

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