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Here be Dragons

The sea pig wandered aimlessly through the straits of Gibraltar where once upon a time she had seen the pillars of Hercules standing proudly in that so long ago forgotten age

She sighed and swam on "even more down in the dumps than she had been before .

She  paused her swim and floated just inches from the surface and listened to the ugly noises of industry and over population ,
She thought back nostalgically and of that happy Ancient music that once drifted serenely from those same shore’s carried upon the incense smoke from the Human shrines dedicated to her kind .

Her age was far longer than even her living memory could comprehend accurately ,
Certainly Before the continents had broken apart and had formed the great islands ‘ of that there was no doubt 
that  particular memory was like yesterday to her .

The sea pigs parents ‘ ‘when she could be bothered to swim into the deepest parts of the Abyss to find them’
Reminded her constantly of the journey to this system aboard a great Ark that still orbits all the great oceans to this day ‘ shining in the nights sky.

“A reminder of our roots”
the sea pig chuckled too herself as she heard her mother’s whistling calls within her heart repeating that very sentiment.

Sadly though ‘ She and her parents were the last of their kind ‘ seventeen others had faced their demise ranging from natural disasters ,becoming land locked in inland seas or lakes due to the shifting of the continents  ,
‘Tragically 'others to human under sea nuclear testing during a unfortunately timed mating ritual  'at least two others had been caught by pure chance by the Ancient whalers of this world.
  ‘As a consequence of this action ‘for hundreds of years to follow were then depicted on maps as sea Monsters with dire warnings of
 “here be Dragons “.

How would the sea pig know of this ? I’ve no idea  but she dose seemingly, 
She knows her oceans are polluted ,
She knows the creatures on the shore no longer care for their habitat or the great waters that divide them ,
She also knows that one day the Ark will awaken and herald the great return .

Copyright © Simon King