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Baby Cakes

The day my son came into this land
I myself had achieved twenty one

Didn't notice it was my birthday
Until the deed was done

His sister came up to see him
On a day snow covered the street

In purple tights and a red and green dress
With a straw bag of cookies to eat

Looking him over intensely she stated
He's fat, and Why is he so red?

And why have they  fixed  his hair
 like a rooster comb on his head

All the while she took him in
With crumbs decorating her smile

Asking when could she hold him
 cookie offered after a while

It must be something genetic
to say outright what you think

Cause her brother did same
at his sons birth and didn't even blink

was there when he was escorted out 
before he waxed the floor

He hung in till the epidural
After that couldn't take anymore

At his wife's bedside with baby on the bed
Mama turned to papa sighing softly she said

What does he look like?Without glasses, I can't see
He looked intently at his son glancing over at me

His baby had great grandpa's lips
Waterlogged and swollen too

His wife again repeating anxiously
tell me, tell me true

Again he gazed at his first born a remnant of a stagger
Said I can tell you this much he's sporting a set like Jagger

Copyright © Vickey Rhymer