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A young lad once roofless
Like lost leaf in storm straggled
Divulged the gold of God in bedraggled garbs
No flip flop - just ragged paper like note
No name of her - just nobody
Painted in horrible rainbow
Begrimed - oozed spoilt yolk.
Who clenched her fists when she was birthed
Only the grey hairs with deep gone faded eyes saw her fate & said;
The destiny of the world is snoring in her palms
She will ripe her bosom in misery - undergo womanhood in mouthful battles
Slashing her skins - the God built holes in her tongue
Her fleshes will find them - birth ants in them & it'll sting
Only if it sting them not to utter again but to burning words war
She'll grow war - till the soil with her tongue - reap death when the moon go to bed
The tongue is an egg shrouded in skiny tissues
They think it to be metal
Since she gag bullets 
She spring jumbles in God's abodes
Men of Eden now fox the world like chicken
Fuel souls to hotness - disperse the heart of Adam like shattered glasses broken to the anger of the storm
What about grown erudites
Who knew the death that stole her mother & her fibs
She brought herself over their tongues with her once ragged  paper like note
On carpets, our ears & hearts are no longer filled with divine lines but the whispering of Lucifer
If holy books were not inked in her images - walking styles - her memory
If she wasn't interred in our communication
Why should I reprove the deaf  who never heard of her Chronicles
Why should I deride the dumb who couldn't speak of her images
I will rather join them in silence

Paciolo Pen Saint

Copyright © Ismail Junaid Oluwadamilare