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Goodbye to the Gallaghers

When you watch a show for many years,
The characters you’re viewing
Become like friends; you care about
Their lives and what they’re doing.

So when the final season wraps,
It’s sad to know they’re leaving
And part of you might even do
A tiny bit of grieving.

Of course, the actors will disperse,
Their fictional creations
Abandoned as they seek some other
Brand-new adaptations.

But we, the audience, will miss
The Gallaghers of “Shameless,”
Who felt so real that their portrayers
Surely aren’t blameless.

Farewell to Frank, Fiona, Lip,
To Debbie, Carl and Ian;
To Kevin, V and all the rest
I never tired of seein’.

I thank you for 11 years
Of TV time enjoyment
And hope each actor finds, real soon,
Fulfilling new employment.

Copyright © ilene bauer