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The Mystery Of Murder Solved --

A Parlor Game "No whodunnit has one clue as to who really done it." -- Reality clued in * * * Who yet loves not a lively murder mystery most rare, each story full of thrills, suspense, and twists beyond compare, a list of sneaky suspects, plus a villain sly and slick, and one top-dog detective still no ordinary di*k, who on encountering a corpse, presumes it fully dead, it being shot and bludgeoned by the wrench and pipe of lead, the carpet in the dining room quite ruined by the brains, the pen*s hanged beside the gutted scrot*m's wee remains, the rect*m split by candlesticks stuck rudely up the a*s, the hem*rrhoids protruding from the Colonel's mustard gas -- though any freak and fan of murder knows sans any doubt the sharpest of detectives quick the Truth shall ferret out, while any sleuth of Logic 101 knows every clue shall straight reveal each killer from a fertile ovum grew, the motive of the witless egg -- the greedy need to breed, its means and opportunity -- some ret*rd named "Di*k Seed." * * * a dedication of Respect for the continuous Pain of the victims untold of murderers Real a revolving helios rhyme menippean satire on the diehard ideology of natalism -- necessarily pro-murder, in addition to pro-dying and pro-death january, 2023 -- yet countless babies being born ultimately to mature into hard-determined killers

Copyright © James Starkey III