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Two Lovers X - High Committments

He knows he acts like a dumbass
An overzealous hopeless romantic
But this is a little much
Even for him
Luckily, he's got a partner in crime
this time

"You're totally gonna marry her, arentcha!?"
Yells Boomer, his Boston accent thick
punching the Lover in the knee
"Totally!" shouts the Lover. "You dick!"
punching Boomer back

They can barely hear each other
as the music system blasts out
a classic love song
They can barely understand each other
'Cause they are full on...
Like, for-real high
as kites in the sky

The Lover and his two buddies 
Boomer and Omar
went out for a happy hour
Monday night, a dead town
Then went back to Boomer's apartment
Blazed up
Omar is "wearing a toe tag"
Passed out on the ground
They already drew on his face
with a Sharpie

His Lover comes back from vacation
tomorrow night
and he has never been so excited
to see anybody like now
He told Boomer that
which is why the crazy bastard cranked up
old love songs
Boomer's girlfriend is coming back in two days

Boomer is the only friend of the Lover
with a long-term girlfriend too
And they give each other cover
For being whipped 
by significant others

They belt out another verse
"Yaaaahhh, Dude!" yells Boom
The Lover shouts back
"I AM going to totally marry my girl!"

Boomer's maniacal laugh
as he sparks up another J
Grabs his old-style stereo system's volume knob
Turns it ALL the way up
His eyes red like the devil

"YAAHHHHHH, DUDE!" Boomer bellows

In gales of marijuana-induced laughter
An urge for a steak and cheese
or potato chips
or both...
...and a pizza
growing inside through the haze
The Lover realizes they both mean it

"YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH, DUDE!" he hollers back
and starts singing along again
at the top of his lungs

Copyright © Nad Simon