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The unborn princess

A child was formed in the mother's womb, 
The mother filled with many dreams of her child, 
Filling joy in Mother heart in every kick and every move, 
Wanted to be the one who will achieve everything in the world. 
The one who is going to make many life memories, 
The one who is going to carry many people's smile, 
Day by day making the mother's expectation stronger and happier, 
And the day came when the mother knew the child going to be born was a princess. 
The mother was filled with joy and happiness but her family and society was filled with unhappiness. 
They didn't want the princess to be born they wanted a pride of having a prince first. 
The mother was soon forced to not have her princess and with sadness and unhappiness the princess was unborn. 
All the dreams and wishes vanished away and the unborn princess spirit was reached to heaven before she could keep her step into this world. 
                                                                                                             - Evangeline Arun Prakash

Copyright © Evan Arun