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Beyond belief

For too long we have been twirled about by mind and we see now that we're still at the start line, since thoughts orbit fears that grip us in their bind, mirroring desire that let's us not align with the pulse of innocence, joyful and kind, being whispers of love that for love does pine. In bondage to form and conditioned belief, we're stirred by cry of soul, begging for relief. Our body is merely dust, yet we are proud of our ethnic group or method of worship; religious intolerance, ignorance shroud, employing rigid views, shooting from the hip, doing more harm than good, cacophony loud, denying all souls are forged from the same chip, labelling God and fighting wars in His name; dwelling in lower mind, which is a big shame. Liking not what we see, yearning to be free, as a rebel, a nerd, we renounce the herd, simply choosing with throb of love to agree, whereupon bliss within our pure heart is stirred, and we’re then no longer tied to a mind tree, for with whispers of conscience, soul has concurred. Recognising the same sun shines upon all, vaporised self is engulfed by a bliss squall. Beyond belief, that's merely rooted in thought, we imbibe God's love and light, which we cognise, transcending fears and desires ego begot, living in the now, ceasing to weigh and size, reducing thereby feral cravings to naught, beholding in wonder, bliss pulsations rise. In time dissolved stillness, choosing to be still, by God's bountiful grace, we heal and voids fill. 09-December-2022 _______________ What I believe Poetry Contest Sponsor: Angela Tune

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