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Reflections Erection

Hey you
You that looks like me
I'm supposed to leave you be
And expect the same for me
But the powers that be
Want you to hate me
And for me to hate you
Why is this?
I have no clue
I have no quarrel with you
I simply want to be
Just want to be free
Of the bad things you want for me
So you see
I am just me
Who wants to be free
Of your tyranny
Just a simple plea
To leave me be
Its simple cant you see
Your words of hatred
Don’t apply to me
I don’t buy your explanation
Of putrid political masturbation
That we are divided
As a nation
I am American
I am more than
Your vile fascination
Of division and hate
I am worthy
Of the loyalty I display
To the country I love everyday
Your attempts to end the crown
Of the red white and blue
Will fail miserably
As your mediocre leadership do
we will not fall
we will not fail
we will not kneel
we will not waste your time with an appeal
this is not a request
but a demand
a deep line carved in the sand
in the freedom of this land
I’m telling you
In no certain term
Your nothing but a worm
To be crushed without a thought
As payment for the havoc
You have brought
To this once lovely home
Where my fellow Americans roam
The place you tried to rot to the bone
And bring us to our knees
Why is it demons you wish to appease?
You should worry less about them
And more about us
It is we
Who are making the fuss
It is we
Who are making the demands
Leave us be in our lands
It is we
Who give you power
It is we
Who grows sour
In response to your “lead”
It is we
Who no longer plead
But reap the seed
Of what you have sown
It is we
Who live in the Divided States
You have grown
Your efforts have clearly shown
To leave us gutted and choking on the bone
Once the back of this great nation
Your twisted views
Are the new sensation
To be played, preyed upon and prayed for
I am simply a slave trying to close the door
To your insanity you call vanity
I know your conscience
Will be clear
When God comes near
to speak to you on your day
To find out why you acted this way
All I can say is
Good luck, ya miserable f***
Cause I win and you suck

Eric (and sometimes not)

Copyright © Eric Nolan