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Caroling Carl

Every Christmas season
the carolers delight
by singing Christmas songs
at the beginning of night

Joyful and fun to each house they go
folks would sing along as the happiness echos
cheers and treats household shared
for the carolers were beloved dear.

He was tall handsome and charming
his voice velvet smooth and disarming
everyone desired to hear his solos
of course we're speaking of young Joe Joe

For Carl was short and chubby
his voice even sounded stubby
high notes became a screech
singing was out of his reach

But Caroling Carl would not go
this season he was the first to enroll
the others tried kindly to nudge him out
but Carl thought they were jealous louts

His singing lead to despair
his voice no one wanted to hear
word spread and the carolers were feared
for with Carl the people disappeared

Doors remained shut curtains closed
lights went out as the carolers posed
the songs of Christmas went dim
for folks in houses hid within

Caroling Carl could not understand
why on this holiday people went grim
the others wanted to shout
Carl please get out

This could not go on 
fooling Carl they all played along
giving him the wrong route
their singing could regain it's clout

But Carl knew it was an innocent mistake
soon enough he discovered their escape
he even sang louder than before
as folks with earplugs hid indoors

Before the Christmas singing was gone
they had to make even Carl belong
convincing him to sing so soft and low
and behind him sang the handsome Joe Joe

Caroling Carl sang so low and grew with acclaim
his soft singing brought Joe Joe hidden fame
for if his voice they could not hear
the more for Carl folks cheered

This was the best Christmas caroling season by far
as the young Joe Joe was the true singing star
and it was all owed to Caroling Carl's so soft voice
for folks enjoyed not hearing it the most.

Copyright © Fritz Purdum