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Lady Atmosphere

         She is a masterpiece of wild contradiction, 
fuse blown by a wick, of litmus tongue in your senses-
her moods shifting chameleonic shades everything at once
in candle wax trick or residue residing nowhere.
Heart's firework pinwheel blown 
by a wish everywhere
and summoned without lips service-
to neither Hades, Avalon nor Loch Ness, lore.

In her magic lies a silent non disclosure appeasment, 
a benediction like a life preserver of electric feel.
Her trinkets are cursed idols, in a pool of profoundness laid- imply at your feet, dewly spilled.
She sheds jade droplets of faceted
watershed moments,
strings them like pearls
to loose your balance on your
precipitated emotion.
She is "in the field"- set of runged abominations- 
of a fools notion.
Jade droplets of faceted conglomeration
bathed of precipitale- emotion- 
swimming your head like electric eel.

She is a storm brewing inside a jewel,
vagabond bauble non descript versing of
evident residual haunting your soul to steal-
new horizon, taunting virgin territory, with infatuation, lightning.

Underwritten page of felt covertly, subtly everything hunting, seasoned overtly sensory heightened display.
Moraed morals, moreover-sustained
of overlay fonting the atmosphere 
cover paged as she wears where she lays.

The sky, a distant dream in the ocean of her gaze,
Wind stripped bare in a pool of borrowed
rhymes swimming your head in amaze 
as we scramble for the right words to parlay 
in her charms way.

In her voice lies a silent romance
leaving more questions than answers in her wake,
as her moods shift, atelier 'steem-roller,
like runic winds
of intolerant display, mind, screen-controler.
Touchstones in a pool of profoundness,
sun ray sing song at hand after the reigns.

Copyright © Jude Herrick


Book: Reflection on the Important Things