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Free Lebanon Today

F	Fight to win a just and equal deal
R	Rights demand today, and do not kneel!
E	Equal in demand for means to live
E	Equal in demand that leaders give

L	Liberty to seek and speak the truth
E	Energy to fight all the uncouth
B	Bastions of belief that change will come
A	Adamance for all to gain not some
N	Nation first, and not a party’s greed
O	Onslaught in the streets of those in need
N	Narrative of choice is Freedom’s voice

T	Time, a witness of the people’s pain
O	Objects of the ones who pocket gain
D	Duty sold for bribes of highest price
A	Actor-leaders play with lives like dice
Y	Young and old! Bring back the Golden Age

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian