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The Grid Lock at Los Angles Harbor

Why are the all of the harbors of Western Europe and Asia open twenty-four hours a day? When there are not enough long longshoreman and dock workers at our LA Harbor?

Workers are being paid more money to remain at home and collect unemployment! If our people are hungry they will become desperate! And our enemies have had millions of their own people starve to death to control their populations!  They have had a great deal of practice in carrying out their malevolent and diabolically and demonic agendas! 

 In fact their father is not God but Satan is! And their father's works and wills they will do!  And the devil was a liar and the the father of lies! And a murder from the beginning of time itself!

It rest solely on President Joe Biden's administration of Progressive Democrats.
Who most likely are on the secretive payroll of the Chinese Communist Party!  And of course they want to blame former President Donald Trump!

What Christian nation presents the largest stumbling block of their world-wide dominance? The United States of America. They firmly believe if the United States is as completely destroyed as the once prominent South American nation of Venezuela! We will no longer present the largest road block standing in their way!

Their biggest obstacles consists of the five eyes: The United Kingdom, The United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand!  They also do consider the Jewish nation of Israel! They need to eliminate all of us!

 Already LA is considered as LA poor because of empty grocery shelves that are prominent in their city! Our enemies believe if they can destroy us economically they
can also destroy us militarily! Because if our government has no money to operated our nation, they can no longer afford to pay our military! 

They want to divide our country via political parties by driving a further wedge between both the Democratic and the Republican parties. The Red Chinese Communists Party is going to be targeting both parties! 

If they can increase the racial divisions in our country currently blacks against whites! It is called the Critical Race Theory or the CRT! Using such tactics effectively
they have already eliminated millions of their own countrymen! By having the victims eliminate their oppressors! Currently the whites are the oppressors and the black are their victims! Unless something is done to defeat this, blood will freely flow once
more on the streets of our cities!     

Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954

Copyright © Roxanne Dubarry