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Particular matter in uniformed presence,
or tangible mutual existence.
Substance of possible negotiation,
tipping point in all relation.
Searching for what is the key,
not for what one thinks should be.
The matter of evidence that we evolve,
as life evolves and dissolve.
The impossible to be conscious,
of being unconscious.
Duality of energies moving in balance,
the celestial attribute of affluence.
The virtue of death as great equalizer,
consuming all righteous desire as compromiser.
Cognitive dissonance the multiverse inside
the truth at times one cannot hide.
Obvious what has not been seen,
until the experience expresses the truth very lean.
Fearful substance starts only disappearing,
when the truth makes simplicity as genius appearing.
The spiritual self receives the hearing,
is the same that receives all life as clearing.
All perspectives are unique,
perceptions and its emotional leak.
The present need to be the goal as it exists,
choices that awareness cannot resists.
Truth as substance unite us all,
clarity like transparent natures law. 



Copyright © Robert Rittel