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Years of Neglect


Started before last October
Going beyond Passover
Pettiness and greed always gave off a bad odor

I don't know if I'll ever have closure
Rarely ever am I that sober
For the longest time, it's been just me and Rover

She showed interest and started to stand closer
But now that's over
My heart's been like a black boulder
From harmful effects, I've had exposure

Sometimes I am like Homer
Otherwise I live life and act like Joker
Always being a damn stoner
No wonder this man's a loner
Yet still not a landowner

What did you expect
From years of neglect
Of course there's an impact and effect

No offense, I meant
No disrespect

Because I'm speaking first hand
Across Earth's lands
At times it all really turned sad
And I got burnt bad

If you're sticking out your neck
Better come correct
Otherwise one misstep
Could lead to a mess

Oh heck
All this B.S. continues on every sec
Like chickens, people always nitpick and peck
Quick to speak their mind and interject
Still making threats
And placing bets
Because their needs haven't been met

During the trek
Always going to be a test
Got to give my best
Regardless of getting rest
Got to step up and handle any stress
Even if it was just a lucky guess
Or absolute failure, leading to no success

Depressed, yet slight progress
But not quite enough to make a dent
Not getting bent
Like everyone who is dense
Honestly, I don't need to vent
It's all no sweat

People still obsess
About staying blessed
You're beating a dead horse, more or less

I paid my debts
Feelings kept in check
Here we go again with another pest
It's no need for me to fret
I'll handle it solo or with several pets

Yo I got to go and jet
Got a job to do at the vet
I started out as a cadet
Now I'm an asset

Still didn't really matter when I would disconnect
Too often I navigate the internet
Ughhh, I'm feeling nothing but a difference
I quit them, so what good will come from a cigarette
It's just me and shadows, a whole bunch of silhouettes

I need a lot more than a Bayonet
Little good that will do, like never taking a step
Because it's a pain in the neck
Oh well too bad, still got to make the best
Instead of relying on taking a rain check
Digging deep, after all only made of flesh
Aiming to reach the Apex
Yet trying to avoid trainwrecks
It's all written in plain text
Hopefully it's made sense
What's up with all these unexplained deaths
The answers hidden well or locked behind a chain fence

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree