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In Sickness and in Health

I shall shower with unselfishness when you gently call my name, I shall give you all the dreams you deserve, you shall do the same. When the dusk arrives this Autumn night you shall be my light, when I’m blinded by poor health you shall be my transient sight. For you have mended all my wounds and washed away my shame. I have seen the world through eyes of disease and you have healed, you have bestowed all your shining goodness, your grace is revealed. I am the one that you adore even when disability covers my skin, you are the one that I adore even though I’m damaged deep within. Let us stroll with pride hand in hand through the poppy covered field. Inside your body lives a sympathetic soul showering me with affection, for me have formed a bond through kindness, a passionate connection. I need you in my darkened world and you seem to need my tender kiss, we have said our vows through thick and thin in this lover’s abyss. We have been to hell in deep anguish and made a resurrection. Romance by chance with one sparkling glance has given me life, I am so grateful beyond belief to be your warmhearted wife. Throughout my illness you have still granted me sweet devotion, given all your patience and love with all your empathetic emotion. We’ve faced this heartache years ago and have prevailed through strife. In sickness and in health you have filled my veins with relief, I hope to spend eternity with you even though my life is brief. I shall love you with all my heart even when I’m frail in bed, you have shown such sentiment when you gently caress my head. Taking one day at a time in love with you has always been my belief. *My aunt is dying, and my uncle loves her so much.* November 17, 2017

Copyright © Laura Loo



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  1. Date: 11/17/2017 9:47:00 AM

    Very emotional love story. Superbly written, Laura.