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The freaks that just won't quit 2

None fiction

You try to take advantage of me and my son.
And dare try to utilize September 11 as a excuse 
To make us seems like a terrorist for fighting back.
You bullied my son, you caused him to have a scar that requires 2 stitches but you still dare try to make it seem that me and my son is at wrong.
You try to violate my son in school public school bathroom when he was in 1st grade.but still have no shame for your wrong doing. I will never forget that's when my son attitude totally changed
You purposely had caused my son to repeat the ,5th grade when he was supposed to graduate after all the effort he did that made him able to graduate, instead your caused have a mental evolution to make it seem they was something wrong with him when all he had was insomnia and nothing more.
You try to jinx my son life just because I raised him not to have sex at a young age.but you forgetting I can do the same to you and yours as are not the only one that can do jinx.
You try to wish disability of tourrets syndrome on my son. I already know that you was doing it because you was discriminating me and you was being a wannabe white racist I can be the same way to.
Do me a favor get over it that me and father was together,you could stop embarrassing yourself victimizing me and my son. And if you're married you should be ashame.
I know people like my son father are your Playboy that why your behavior are being that much a disgrace.
I already know my son father is the type you would use to utilize to cheat on your husband do me a favor keep my son out of it.he's only 16 his not your next Playboy. For you keep reminding me how mature he is at his age.
I am gonna expose you for everything you have done to my son for causing him to be the way he is for I am his mother and I am and will be your worst night mare.

Copyright © Nagella Jean-Baptiste



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  1. Date: 2/17/2018 2:57:00 PM

    This poem is based on every thing that been going on in the school my son been in and the conversation with these people and others in the schools that had done those things.