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Lizard in our house

There’s a lizard in our house,
At the last there was a mouse.
And we called the mouse Klaus,
Now there’s a lizard in our house.

Soon there will be a roo,
Koala, Possum, Emu too.
Swear it’s really true-
There’s a lizard in my shoe
A lizard in my shoe
In our house.

There’s an emu in our car,
He’s playing his guitar,
He thinks he’s a big star
The emu in our car
In our car

There’s a wombat in our school, 
King parrot makes a rule
‘No wombat in our school;
This is birdy school
Birdy Birdy school

There’s a dingo on a boat,
A possum on a float.
Koala writes a note-
I’m in a life…coat
Please dingo stop your boat
Ding stop your boat
Stop your boat

Above goes flying fox,
In his orange jocks
With stripey coloured socks
Coloured socks

There’s an echidna in the pub,
Hugging witchery grub
Platypus guards the door
Croc is on the dance… floor
Doing a little dance
Dancey Dancey Dance
Dancey. Dance

Rainbow serpent serves up drinks,
Southern Cross looks down and thinks…

Copyright © Paris-Maree Boreham