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Through the Keyhole

She, there drawn, but not for sleep
          Daubed in guile, the heartless weep
               Cold, the secrets sheets thus keep
     Peeking, stained in deeds that creep
               Through the burning keyhole ...
          Burning, jealous eyes.

Bodies scorched with flames to fan
          Limbs entwined in breadths to span
               Dreaming does what dreaming can
     Peeking blessed me, the "other man"
               Through the callow keyhole ...
          Callow, spotless eyes.

Once, she spilled her passions, freed
          Crimped from time and shallow need
               Perfecting spawn with faultless seed
     Peeking, searched to stem the bleed
               Through the nascent keyhole ...
          Nascent, beggared eyes.

Now, the years force hearts to stray
          In careless arms, the dreams decay
               One whose blistered hands will pray
     Peeking, danced in lust's ballet
               Through the rusted keyhole ...
     Rusted, weeping eyes ...

Weeping ... trust's demise.

Written and submitted on January 24, 2019
For the "Slap The Muse And Turn It Loose" Poetry Contest
John Lawless, Judge & Sponsor.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden