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No more poem that has no relevancy to today

No more poem that has no relevancy to today ! 
Ramzan Karim, Darjeeling. 05.01.2018

I was searching for words for poem
That could satisfy the appetite of reader
But  words go dithering with flaw the regular ease
Inundated  pen stops here to take few labored breath
Fumbling for the words appropriate 
It is because Ethics, Morality, Modesty, Sincerity
All have taken back seat, 
Y’know RIP ?
These all high words  are resting in peace
In the pages of Dictionaries
With profound grief, 
I have to inform you of their sad demise
They are no longer valid, but are dead
Resting somewhere in mortuary 
Soliciting word for obituary
If you are any of the species,
Still lurk about these words, 
You are jerk from any museum far aflong
For animation is the reality of this day,
Croons from the rooftop rustic songs
Metallic Robots have taken rein 
From mighty warriors of days gone by
Technology is supreme they say
So no more sermons on Sundays
They are making Mars for their home stay
Moon their picnic spot sun being their working space
So this poem is void of any word
That suits the present time.

Copyright © Ramzan Karim



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  1. Date: 2/18/2018 7:15:00 AM

    Brilliant poem Ramzan..