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Cheerio old chap! O’ mighty Prometheus Invited to this a tea party Alas this ole social gathering Frankenstein and his closest friends There on the table A vast variety of wolf cakes Games to partake of A tea cup treasure hunt Tea leaf Pictionary Sugar cube stack Pinko Blood dripping on the floor? Selected ate at the time invitations set Planned menu brew and serve English men tarts Raw cut up hearts In attendance at Frankenstein Tea Party Shared cups of tea with light refreshments Frankenstein Monster and his friend Dracula and Mina Harken Werewolf Peter Stuble While at the table rotting Dead host of days past Drink up- Drink up Those cottages protectors Planned tea party gathering Conversations of death, dark and demonic tales Oh! Did I mention also in attendance Frankenstein wife Eva Holing werewolf Cries pass the wolf bread What a unholy gathering drinking tea (and blood) and the rest of the party dead
8/26/21 2021© Frankenstein Tea Party 2021 Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Joe Maverick

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr.