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Merlin the Magic Cat

Merlin the Magic Cat

Hey Dude, Welcome!
You smell like cigarette smoke
These are some groovy digs
Were your prior owners broke?

Hey Dude, I came from Kansas
That’s far, far away
Far as I can tell
They’re gonna let me stay

Hey Dude
Where’d you come from?
What’s your name?
I can show you around. Come! Come!

That human on the couch
Is of the male persuasion
I don’t mind him much
He has my invitation

The cat at his arm
Reading the book 
That’s Winston, he’s alright
But, watch out, he’s a catnip crook

What’s the matter?
Cat got your tongue?
Gonna tell me your name
Before I’m all done?

It’s a pleasure to know ya
I’m Merlin the Magician
I came from a rather
Precarious position

Seems I have this talent
It’s unusual for cats
I pull small children
Out of hats

I know, it sounds crazy
And I very well may be
But I’ve been doing it routinely
Since I was just wee

My owners before
Hid the hats all away
They hid them all
Until just the other day

Old Aunt Mildred
That spinster that smelled of sage
Sat her fur pillbox hat on the floor
My temptation would not be assuaged

Yo, buddy! I get it!
Just the other days
Male human left his pipe out
I was in a haze!

Yes, I see, how lovely for you
But I had not a happy ending
I conjured a baby from out of the hat
And was thrown out, with a kick sending

I scratched at the door
MEOW I cried over and over
I will never, ever again
Bring a small child over

My MEOWs although
Heard from a mile away
Fell on deaf ears
For a week and a day

Dude! That’s horrid
Now let me see
Ah yes! Here it is
A hat to you from me


Copyright © Becky Forbes